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2 person Water Proof Go Bag- 72 hour Bag

One person Go Bag that includes: 1-waterproof bag with shoulder strap, 1-299 piece first aid kit (includes 1 poncho, 1 utility tool/knife, emergency blanket, whistle, flash light & scissors), 1-pocket knife, 2-poncho, 2-Emergency Blanket, 2-Water Bottle, 2-Flashlight, 1-Box of matches, 1-set of utility gloves, 1-Rope, 2-Glow stick, 12-emergency water pouches, 6-cotton & petroleum fire lights, 3 tissue packs, 6 oatmeal packs, 6 Ramon noodle packs, 1-bottle of water purifications tablets, and  paracord bracelet with whistle and compass. (Item brand and look may very depending on in stock items) (Items listed above included in this pack). (Bag pictured not the waterproof bag). $121.99

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