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Functional & Integrative Medicine

Functional Medicine (FM) is an approach to health and wellness that focuses on addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms. It is considered to be the interconnectedness of various bodily systems and emphasizes personalized, patient-centered care and health promotions for the overall well-being of a person.  FM practitioners often use a holistic approach incorporating nutrition, lifestyle, and personalized interventions. FM also works on the current medical treatments a person uses for their health. When it comes to epilepsy, FM can play a role in complementing traditional medical treatments. Functional foods and bioactive nutrients can be considered part of adjunctive therapy or an essential strategy for treating epilepsy, depending on the etiological nature.

Spa to You LLC

Spa To You is a mobile massage and spa service. We bring relaxation and wellness to you at home or the office. 

All sessions are by appointment only. ​Once you have relaxed and distressed, there is no reason you should immediately get into your vehicle and fight traffic, which is counterproductive to your relaxation and well-being.  Our philosophy behind Spa To You is "Let us bring relaxation to you." Start your journey to wellness today.

We also offer Massage Continuing Education Units/CEUs. We offer a variety of massage continuing education units for massage therapists. We are NCBTMB-approved and registered with CE Broker. CE

Chiara Bella Naturals 

 Chiara Bella Naturals is our continued focus on wellness and well-being. Everyone should have beautiful skin and spa facial results at home. Chiara means clear, Bella is beautiful, and Natural speaks for itself. We bring you clear and natural products that will help you achieve a spa-like facial in the comforts of your own home. We use natural, organic, and non-GMO products.

Our products come dry. This ensures their longevity. All you do is add water. Bringing you dry products also means we do not need artificial preservatives or chemicals. Most of our products come in a dry state and are activated by adding water. Half a teaspoon of product with half a teaspoon of water is all you need.


Our mission is to meet you where you are on your wellness journey and assist you to the level of health that you desire. 


Our vision is to provide an alternative to wellness through personalized and holistic care. This includes addressing the root causes of health concerns and emphasizing prevention and health promotion through evidence-based functional medicine approaches. With health promotion, the integration of traditional and personalized massage and body treatments offers an alternative way to relax and detoxify the body.    

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