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Spa To You is a mobile spa Service. We offer massage and spa Treatments in the comfort of your home or Business. 

my  Name is Kiara Poloney. I'm a Registered nurse and Massage therapist. I believe in a journey when

it comes to wellness, Relaxation and Rejuvenation are a key part of Whole body wellness. 


Spa to you  is a mobile massage and spa service that offers Individual & Family servers, Corporate Chair Massage & Spa Parties

Spa parties are for more then two people. Each individual receives a 30 minute massage

Corporate Services: We bring massage chairs to provide massage services. This includes one times service, weekly, monthly or a custom schedule.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Prenatal Massage
Fusion Facial Massage

Spa Parties
Chair Massage
Corporate Programs

Business Openings

Spa Party
Spa parties are designed for three or more individuals. A massage spa party is a great addition to any girl's night in, bachelorette gatherings, mom's groups, family gatherings, or any group gathering. Our licensed massage therapist brings all the needed supplies for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Corporate Services/Chair Massage
Our licensed Massage therapists Bring relaxation and rejuvenation via Chair massage. Depending on the size of your group determines the number of Therapists.  This is great for corporate events, Business openings, Employee Appreciation events, and any large gathering.
We offer 2, 4, and 6-hour blocks of time. 
2 hours $200
4 hours $400
6 hours $600

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