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Cancellation PolicyRefunds and Withdrawals:
If a class is canceled, you will receive a full refund within

2 weeks of the cancellation. If you withdraw with a 1-week

notice, you will receive a full refund, less a $35

processing fee unless otherwise stated.

Failure to attend or missing portions of a class

does not constitute official withdrawal - no refunds or credits will be issued

HIMALAYAN HOT STONE MASSAGE Live CEU class-8 hours of live CEU's

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage is a full-body massage therapy treatment that involves using heated Himalayan salt stones to manipulate the tissue while providing the body with the benefits of being exposed to the stones themselves. Himalayan salt stones emit negative ions when heated. Himalayan salt helps them reduce inflammation, support respiratory and sinus health, strengthen bones, prevent muscle cramps, improve circulation, digestion, mental alertness, and sleep habits, exfoliate the skin, and boost your immune system.

Himalayan Facial Fusion Massage Live CEU Class-4 hours of CEU's 

: Himalayan salt is a beneficial earth element that not only can benefit the body but also the skin. Himalayan salts are beneficial for alkalizing the skin, replenishing, and nourishing the skin and body with 84 minerals, lightly exfoliating, relaxing the body, balances and neutralizes the body and skin from the ill effects of everyday life.

Head Helper Massage for the Head, Neck, and Shoulder Live CEU Class-8 hours of CEU's

Head, neck, and shoulder massage is beneficial to relax the muscles to help relieve headaches. With this class we will incorporate massage techniques, side posture techniques and hot stones for a deeper massage the will loosen muscles. Side-lying posture allows the therapist to have better access to neck and shoulder muscles and connective tissue. Hot stones massage helps to relax muscles and connective tissues and allows a practitioner to work deeper with less pressure on sensitive areas such as the neck and head.

Headache Helper Massage for Face and Head (Sinus) Live Class-4 hours of CEU

The Head is the center of the body that houses one of the body’s most vital organs. The face and sinus cavity congestion can contribute to headaches. Massage techniques applied to the face and head can promote relaxation, stagnant fluid congestion of the face and help relief head and face pain. This course uses facial massage techniques, face and neck lymph techniques, and head massage

Chiara Bella Organic Spa Live CEU Class-12 hours of Live CEU's

This is an introduction to organic spa treatments for massage therapists to incorporate into their practice. You will be guided in the benefits of muds, clays, seaweeds, organic products, salts, and sugars. Then practice making and using these products in a spa setting. A step-by-step guide is given as to how to deliver spa treatments, application, removal of products, and tips on how to incorporate them into your practice.

Hot Shell massage Live CEU Class-8 Hours of CEU's

A relaxing massage using authentic shells is a holistic approach to the relaxation of mental and physical health. Sanded and polished to provide a pleasant feeling on the body, the shells are warmed using water. This class will discuss the benefits and use of shells in massage

Made of calcium carbonate, the shells naturally produce calcium ions that are transferred directly to the skin through the warming action. The massage provides deep relaxation by calming the central nervous system, relaxing the muscles, activating the circulation, and contributing to cell renewal.

Essential OIls For Massage Live CEU class-8 CEU's

This course is an introduction to essential oil and their contraindications, uses, discussion of how essential oils can be used in massage therapy and for specific areas of concern. This course also gives attendees an opportunity to work with essential oils.

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