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Relaxation and rejuenation are two essential to continued good health and well being. Indulge with a milk bath. Indulging in a milk bath helps to rejuvenate and renews the skin by encouraging new cell growth and suppleness. Collagen in the skin is plumped providing a healthier fullness and fill sin fine lines and wrinkles. Skin suppleness and elasticity is improved, which helps to fade away time and age features in the skin


Cacao is a power player when it comes to antioxidants. Benefits the skin by improving texture, circulation, oxygen saturation and hydration. Who doesn't like chocolate? How about chocolate milk? Relax, rejuvenate and moisturize with our Mocha Latte milk bath. Add a 1/4-1/2 a cup of milk bath mixture to your bath water and enjoy the quiet time.


Please make your you are not allergic


Made with:

-) whole milk powder

-) Cacao powder

-) Corn starch

-) Baking soda


Mocha Latte Milk Bath 8 oz

SKU: cb114
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