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Our Signature T&P facial set is great for all skin types.  Especially skin types that struggles with hormones balance. Our products offer natures answer to skin care. We utilize organic and natural ingredients which come dry.This ensures that they last longer and done lose their natural properites that benefit the skin.


Just ADD water and you are good to go. Use appoximpately half a tablespoon of product and then add approximately half a tablespoon of water, mix and apply to face.


 Included without our T&P set is a Microfiber Facial Scrubber, Loofa, Microfiber Cleansing cloth, mixing spoon, mixing cup :

-) Turmeric & Pumpkin Mask 2 oz

-) Pumpkin Spice Scrub 2 oz

-) Frank & Myrrh Toner 5 mL roller

-) Cleanser of your choice 4 oz:

     -Lavender & Toasted Oats

        Made with: toasted almonds, lavender buds, oat powder & bentonite clay

     -Honey & Chamomile

        Made with: rhassoul clay, oats powder & chamomile powder

     -Rose Fields

        Made with: Rose Kaolin clay, rose flower powder, flax meal & oats powder

-) Travel size Essential Oil (listed with the choice of your cleanser)

T&P (Turmeric & Pumpki) Facial Set

SKU: CB109Set
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